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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Family Guy Cutscene

Don't know much about this game, the only thing I can recall seeing on this one were some screens that were posted on Destructoid.

I've never even seen the show, I recall once catching a part of a show, it was the one when Stewie had a baby sitter and her boyfriend came over and Stewie got jealous.

I thought it was humorous when stewie was about to hit the guy with a crowbar, and as he's about to do it he says "I guess this is how you change a tire but how would I know I'm just a BABY!" then wham.

Nice looking Cutscene and it is for PS2 and Xbox, which is nice since I do have one of each (actually second one of each, gave the first one of each to my nephew, aren't I a good uncle?), the PS2 is red and the Xbox is white (official smoke but it's white).

Got the 2nd Xbox ( the white/smoke one) at the end of 04 and in 05 they announced the white 360... hmmmm coincidence or am I physic? I knew you were going to say that.

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