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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Every Mortal Kombat fatality ever

(vid via megaman)

Can you stomach 231 grisly deaths? That question the video and the title of this post comes from I'm going to quote them since I'm not a Mortal Kombat expert (more on that later), this is from Games Rader;

It's hard to imagine a world where seven poorly animated, grisly voiced combatants could stir a nation into a videogame violence feeding frenzy. Since that original Mortal Kombat, we've ripped out hearts, beaten people to death with their own legs and uppercutted punk asses into whirling, toothy blades of steel - and not one game has ever been pulled from the shelves like congress was threatening 13 years ago.

To celebrate this victory in the face of such powerful ignorance, we've compiled every single murderous end that's graced the Kombat universe. If Mr. Capitol Hill thought burning someone alive was bad, wait until he sees more than 200 back-to-back, horrible deaths that go from horrifying, to hilarious then back to disturbing before finally landing in the realm of "oh god is this still happening?"

Hit the Movies tab up above and find the one titled "Six Minutes of Slaughter." There you'll see literally every finishing move and pit fatality in the main series - no Mythologies or Shaolin Monks for you. Oh, if you should notice some crazy, miniscule move we missed, please be silent. We sweated, cursed and lost sleep over this monster project. We even dug out the bug-riddled Mortal Kombat Trilogy for you people, just to get Johnny Cage, Noob Saibot and a few other color coordinated ninjas.

Trust us - you will watch this over and over. It's friggin' nuts.

Me again, that was word for word from Games Rader, like I said I'm not a Mortal Kombat expert, I am a fan, and my like for this series grows more and more, I have on my shelf waiting to be played Mortal Kombat Deception, and I'm gonna see if I can bump it up so I can play it sooner.

I'll find a way to get to it, on the right you'll see what I'm "Now Playing" and that game is a lot of fun, but it's gonna take some time to complete so Mortal Kombat Deception will have to wait just a bit more, until then I'll have this video, thank you Games Rader.

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