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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Art of the Game - Awesome Video Game Documentary

(found this on digg submitted by RomulusX86)

This is from the person who added this to Google Video; The Art of the Game is an 8 minute documentary that gives an overview of modern-day gaming. It asks the questions "“are video games a form of art?"”, "“why are they so popular?"”, and "“what place will they have in the future?"

Pretty good, I enjoyed watching this, it's well made, but it doesn't have that generic news segment feel to it.

Going a little off topic, I just used a word (generic) that recently was used in a much more interesting way, I'm talking about Brookers latest video on YouTube. Have you seen it? Here's the link. She's so adorable.

Sorry back on topic, I wonder if Brooke plays video games, sorry there I go again. Hey can you blame me. I've lost it, I'd better end this post... wait for it NOW.

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