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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Take a Retro Break With The Nintendo 64 Promo Video

Part one covers the system and Super Mario 64.

(vid via Toad64)

Part two covers Pilotwings64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, and previews of upcoming games.

(vid via Toad64)

Now I know most of you are not like me, you all got things to do on a Saturday night. But for the one or two of you that are home alone with nothing to do, these couple of videos should help pass the time when taking a break from whatever game your playing.

Or should I say a "Game Break" ha ha ha ha forgive the pun... What pun? I happen to think that was quite witty. I found these videos while doing a search on YouTube for "Nintendo Promo Videos" which I heard of from Press The Buttons.

According to the person who put these videos on YouTube they are from a "1996 promo video sent out to subscribers of Nintendo Power." Well I thought both vids were fun to watch so I thought I'd share, hope you like.

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