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Monday, September 04, 2006

Game Break Presents; Track Mania Sunrise To Infinity And Beyond

The 1k Project

(vid via MiniGod00)

1K Project II

(vid via sMull)

3k Project

(vid via MiniGod00)

Wonderful Trackmania World

(vid via

Where do I begin, it was early Saturday, my head was still spinning from earlier that mourning, I just can't hold my ice cream. I was lookin' for something to post, didn't see any new trailers or reviews so I went to the community for something, and I saw "1K Project II", but my head was spinning so I passed out.

Woke up and had forgotten all about "1K Project II", I figured let me see what the big boys are doing, it might give me an idea for my first post. Then I saw "1K Project II" on Kotaku. Well I thought I blew it, I saw this great video and 'cause of my stupid binge someone else covered it before me. No problem I'll sit on it for a little bit maybe I can find a different angle. Then I see "1K Project II" on Joystiq, again no problem it's a good video nothing wrong with giving it plenty of coverage.

Then I hear that my buddy JolietJake might cover it on Destructiod, but he's new to blogging, as his name implies he's been away for a while, tells me that he is having second thoughts about posting the video in third place, doesn't think he could cover it without givening it a rehashed feel.

So Jake suggests I cover it which I was going to anyway, also mentions that Fronz from Destructoid pointed out other Trackmania Sunrise videos. I thought great there goes my angle, 'cause that was what I was planning, posting the original video which is a sequel with the original one which is mentioned in the beginning credits of "1K Project II". Well Sunday passed and nothin' from Fronz and most of today so I figured I'll go ahead with my plans but fully disclose what happened up till now.

There you have it, "1K Project II" and friends. Why go thought all this? Hey these vids are awesome, they are dripping with eye candy and great music selections. I luv me some eye candy, heck I like sweet things in general, got a sugar cube on my back. This could be the longest post in Game Break history... Oh my head, I need a nap.

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