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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Classic G4 Show Icons Looks at The Sega Dreamcast

I had an idea for a post so I went to YouTube, but it was down, so that led me to Google Video. One search led to another and I found this classic video from the early days, and my favorite days, of G4. The show "Icons" looks at the classic system the Sega Dreamcast, which I don't own but have got to get, even if I never play it, I kinda just wanna have it.

Best part about this video are the ending credits, you know who's in them? Tina Wood, the hottest, the most incredible, the sexiest... sorry. Where is she now? On the Ten Show, and she's just as pretty as ever, better lookin' in fact. Oh Tina... Tina!! Tina? She'll never know how much I care, well actually she does, if she reads her comments, 'cause I just about nearly propose every time I leave one. : )

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