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Monday, August 07, 2006

TGS 2006 Largest Ever

(photo via DigiNegs)

Marking the show's tenth anniversary Tokyo Game Show 2006 promises to be the biggest event in the show's history. With E3 suddenly getting severely downscaled TGS (and other game shows) could suddenly take on even greater importance.
TGS 2006, through August 3, is already slated to have exhibits by more than 143 different companies occupying 1,710 booths. Last year TGS featured 131 exhibitors in 1,433 booths. To accommodate the expansion of the event, organizers are setting up an additional hall in the Makuhari Messe exhibition center for this year's show, —that makes this the first show since 2001 to fill Halls 1 - 8 at that venue. That was an excerpt from a GameDaily feature.

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