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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Second Look :Pikman 2

The other day I visited one of the blogs of my friend, Faith Naked ouch, oh sorry but I just burnt my fingers when I typed her name, hmm I wonder why. Well... um where was I oh yes, she posted her "Ten Top Favorite Games Ever", I love lists, one game stood out more than the others, #7 Pikman, it stood out because for some reason Pikman 2 popped back in my head a while ago. So I went looking for a vid I could post but there weren't any so I posted one on YouTube. It's not in English but the charm and fun of the game comes through. Pikman was great and when I heard a sequel was due, I was really looking forward to seeing it, but the story kind of put me off. In Pikman your fighting to leave the planet, not just because your life support systems will soon be gone, but you want to get back home to your family, I cared about Captain Olimar. In Pikman 2 the story is you need to go back to the original planet to get stuff to sell to save you job. Ok does not grab me like the first one, but taking a second look at the vid led me to conclude that it's a fun game and I want to go back to that world soon.

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