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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pictures From THQ's Wii Press Event

Picture From MAXCONSOLE.

Joystiq covered the THQ's Wii Press Event, they wrote, "THQ hosted a super secret special Wii press event in New York City on Tuesday and IGN was on hand to get the pics and the goods. While there isn't any drastic new information that came out if it, there are interesting side notes that did, including the Wiimote speaker implementation:

All games used rumble, but no game used the speaker. When asked about it, a THQ rep told us that no documentation outlining the speaker has been received from Nintendo at this point.

Interesting that so close up until launch and a major developer hasn't been given the full details on a major component in the Wii control scheme. Check after the break for more pictures, including the Wii development kit (which is not a GameCube, like at E3)." Cool, good info but what caught my attention was that picture of the "Development Kit". Joystiq noted it was not a GameCube like the ones used at E3, but those dev kits don't seem very "Wii", look more like cinder blocks to me. Don't want to start any rumors, I'm just saying.

Can you say DEVELOPMENT KIT omg, how is it news that the dev kit looks nothing like the retail product -_-
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