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Monday, August 07, 2006

Official Nintendo Gamecube Trailer: The Nintendo Difference

(vid via kinosama0)

"“The Nintendo Difference"” - a promo video released before the GameCube launch, with a lot of footage of games like Raven Blade and Donkey Kong Racing that never came out, in addition to a look at Kameo (which eventually came out on Xbox360) and some clearly pre-rendered concepts of Mario Kart and Metroid Prime alongside the infamous Legend Of Zelda Link/Gannondorf fight. That was from "GameCube: A Video History That Never Was" by Power.TV. This feature was great, they collected several video clips, like the trailer for GameCube, and other rare clips, of games that went to other systems and games that never were produce, like Mario 128.

(first seen on netscape)

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