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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Debut Gameplay Footage

(vid via punch.counterpunch)

Wow, whoever 'captured' this footage started rolling at the right time. When I saw the character in the game walking through the crowed( a huge crowed) of people, I was hooked. Ok it may be the developers way of saying 'see what we can do', I see and I like. Gameplay? Plot? who cares I'm getting this game so I can walk through that crowd.

( bit of 'Johnny come lately on this one; so i was not the first to post it, it's all good.)

First seen.
On; by Richard
Also; by Brian Ashcraft
Then; by kayka

It's been done already in Hitman blood money, same company and probably the same technology as well, low poly models, no AI, and weak physics when killed.
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