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Thursday, August 24, 2006

If You See Only One Video Today Make It This One

The reviews are in:
Game Green says "Don't miss this one"
Watch What You Want proclaims "A must see"
Otaku Ahora declares "I'm gonna see this one again and again"

Ok to be honest I don't know what this video is, or what it's supposed to mean. I saw it at and thought I could do something with it.

Well I did something with it, now what? Australia, I figured secretly you wanted to know so I told you. Wonderful place, lovely beaches, I could learn to swim.

What about the women?... sniff... sniff... what about them. I know, I'll go check out my "friend space", that always cheers me up. Why? go see for yourself, without a doubt the hottest "friend space" in town, no that does not include that Tom guy.

(Those three blogs right before the video... belong to me. Sorry... heh heh.)

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