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Friday, August 18, 2006


GameSpot Live Presents Botton Mashing ep8 "Crying Princess" Part 1

GameSpot Live Presents Botton Mashing ep8 "Crying Princess" Part 2

(both videos via me)

I don't know what happened in these videos, I'm not sure if it was real. For most of the first vid and the second, the Girl Gamers competing on "Botton Mashing"(a video game gameshow), are not presented well, that's probably the best way I can put it. I could continue to write my opinions of this show, but that's not what I do best, right ladies .... sorry, my thing is tracking stuff like this down for you to consume. There is a part of me that just wishes I could have been there to advise these young ladies. I'm not just saying that because they were adorable, I'm speaking as a human being, a male human with no social life, but I'm working on it. That reminds me I need to go check out my smoking hot sizzling "Friend Space", everyone a jewel, and no that does not include that Tom guy.

(Found out about this show from, I wish she had a MySpace profile, Marie F, what an angel.)

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