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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Game Break Spoiler Alert

Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending

(vid via JaredR)

Have you seen this? I saw it a while ago on X-play with Morgan Webb, one of favorite Myspace friends. I include her in my posts whenever I can, she's so pretty, and has got the sweetest smile ...sorry. Well anyway the video shows one of the possible endings of Silent Hill 2, you got a different ending depending on how you played the game, I love the Silent Hill series. It all started with a demo of Silent Hill 3, ran right out and got Silent Hill then Silent Hill 2, then Silent Hill 3 and then I went back and got Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams for Xbox, then finally Silent Hill 4 The Room. I don't usually pay full price for a game, but when Silent Hill 5 comes out I'm getting it.

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