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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Game Break Spoiler Alert: 3 Secret Endings

1)KingDom Hearts Secret Ending "Another Side Another Story"

(vid via pnut4k)

2)Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Secret Ending "Another Side, Another Story [deep dive]"

(vid via DoUTh1nkAboutMe)

3)Kingdom Hearts 2 Secret Ending

(vid via cloudkillerff7)

Three endings that I've never seen, let's start with;

1)KingDom Hearts Secret Ending "Another Side Another Story". How do you unlock it? Complete the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and the Hades Cup.(via

2)Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Secret Ending "Another Side, Another Story [deep dive]"
How do you unlock it?

To Unlock Deep Dive in Final Mix
*Note that this is different than normal version of Kingdom Hearts. You can only view this movie in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. According to the difficulties:

Final Mix Beginner : You can't get Deep Dive
Final Mix Mode : Complete Hades Cup, Sealed All Keyholes (Including 100 acre Wood), Get all heartless into your Jimmy's memo (that means you've got to defeat Kurt Zisa and Phantom), Found all trinities, found all 99 Dalmatians, and complete the Jimmy's memo (every single detail of characters, and complete the mini games avaliable)
Final Mix Proud : Sealed all Keyholes including 100 Acre Wood, and clear the Hades Cup

After you see the end credits, Deep Dive will be unlocked.

By the way Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is the "Japanese re-release of the game KingDom Hearts. Final Mix featured the English voice acting tracks and added 3 difficulty levels, a new camera system, a cut-scene skip feature, slight level design changes and stage additions, and a trailer for Final Fantasy X-2. It also included either a special music CD or a deck of Kingdom Hearts cards as part of its Limited Edition on the first day of release, and was also available in a Platinum Edition with stickers, a calendar of ary by Tetsuya Nomura, and a figurine of Sora." (via

3)Kingdom Hearts 2 Secret Ending
How do you unlock it? Heck if I know can't really confirm this is from Kingdom Hearts 2. It's all over YouTube, Google Video and different forums, which is where I first saw it, spicifially at the Forums. All I have is what the video submitter wrote, "Though not officially confirmed by Square or Disney, creator Tetsuya Nomura has openly admitted to having a plot for Kingdom Hearts III in the works and is planning to create it. Though, he has stated that he is working on another title first. Much like Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts III's first look can be found in the secret trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. The first look at the game shows some new, unknown characters and a whole lot of keyblades."

There you have it long post so I'll end it... ... wait for it... Now!

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