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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Enchanted Arms: Xbox Live Gameplay

My first post was a somewhat negative review of Enchanted Arms, that review did not mention online gameplay. Well the good folks over at IGN did take a look at online gameplay, here is;

Multiplayer video #1 and...

(vid via me)

Here is Multiplayer video #2

(vid via me)

"It's been a dream of console RPG players to take their custom shaped squad of heroes and pit them against everyone else to see exactly who has the best tactics."

"Now, with the imminent release of Enchanted Arms, 360 owners everywhere can realize their dream and create the ultimate team - and prove it."

"The real concern now is how well the online battle system was implemented in Enchanted Arms."

Those were quotes from IGN's preview of Enchanted Arms online system. What did they think? To tell you the truth it was a bunch of words, and I'm a little light-headed, I just ate a bagel. Check out IGN's full preview here.

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