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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Enchanted Arms Xbox 360

Speed Tactics Battle System

(vid via me)

TeamXbox posted an interview along with this video yesterday. This is part 2 of "Inside Enchanted Arms", I posted part 1 on my second blog called "Game Green" on August 03, 2006. According to TeamXbox, "Enchanted Arms is the first classic Japanese RPG game created specifically for Xbox 360 by FROM Software, the creators of Otogi. Thanks to Ubisoft, Enchanted Arms will get the full North American localization treatment, including English voice-overs and text. The game will give gamers the option to play either the English or Japanese soundtrack, something that hardcore RPG gamers will certainly appreciate." This gamer is sure looking forward to playing this RPG, even though I don't have an Xbox 360. Maybe Dana Jongewaard will let me play with hers... ah I mean her Xboxes no! ... um ...oh, sorry but hot red heads make me nervous.

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