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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

e3 The Club Trailer Xbox 360

TeamXbox did a story: "Top 10 Next -Gen Sleepers", they wrote; Wea'’ve seen little information about this title since our initial look at this years E3 event, but we can'’t help but continue to be excited about the addictive and intense possibilities this game will offer. In the world of The Club, players will enter the seedy world of murder, money, and hunting, all combined into a sick and twisted game. A third person action title at its heart, this game will toss players into levels at break neck speed, as they move through each setting being hunted by a group known as "“hunters"”. As the prey in this game, it will be up to players to not only survive this sick and twisted game set-up by the moneymen, but take down the hunters that are after them as well. The prototype demo we were witness too showed off already silky smooth gameplay that ran at an incredible pace. This title is being set-up to posses a crazy amount of replayability, but for now, we are just chomping at the bit to learn about all of the gameplay types the game will bring to the table. Well I decided to check out the trailer(from LiquidOnizuka) and it rocks, can't wait for more footage from this one.

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