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Monday, August 14, 2006

Death Jr. 2 to feature HDR lighting?!

E3: Death Jr. 2 Debut

(vid via hobart)

PSP Fanboy wrote,"Death Jr. was the first PSP game to be publicly shown, and it wowed a whole lot of people with its technical prowess. If a new interview at is to be believed, it appears that we'll be wowed again. Chris Carla commented:Well, we used Renderware on our first game on PSP, and it wasn't exactly perfectly tuned for PSP. After we removed it for [Death Jr. 2], we found our framerates hit 90fps... before we knew it, thanks to our fantastic tech staff, we had light blooms, High Dynamic Range lighting, and lots of other lighting and frame buffer effects running in the game. The net result is that we've probably got some of the most technically advanced features of any title on PSP at this point, which is pretty cool. We've done a lot more than that as well; I think people will be pleased by the tech in the game, and our loading times are still extremely short." Sweet I don't have a PSP, but I want one and Death Jr. 2 is going on my ... sorry forgot want I was going to write, just noticed Erin Burnett what a cuttie, I believe she is what's known as a "Money Honey", grrrrr.

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