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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bullet Witch Coming to North America

bullet witch japanese commercial

(vid via firebranded)

Siliconera is reporting that, "Atari announced that they have made an agreement with AQ Interactive to publish Bullet Witch outside of Japan. The game is set during "“humanity'’s dusk"” (that'’s year 2013) where the world is about to be destroyed by incoming demons. A witch named, Alicia is the world'’s last hope. She'’s armed with both guns and spells to fight back. Early in the game's development cycle Bullet Witch was compared to the anime series Witch Hunter Robin. The game was finally released for the Xbox 360 last month in Japan." That's good because the sooner it gets here the sooner it wavailablevailble at a price I can afford. I don't have an Xbox 360 so there still time, I have heard some negative things about this game, but to me it looks like fun and the main character looks hot. I'll probably buy it for the same reason I bought "Red Ninja" for the original Xbox, wow now there was a hottie.

( i don't know what she's saying in the vid but my answer is yes, anytime, right now would be good)

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