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Friday, June 30, 2006

No XBOX 360 Price cut?...

Recently there was a rumor that the XBOX 360 might see a price cut later this year, but then came "the official word" from Gamerscore Blog, that there are currently no plans for a price cut this fall. No problem I'm patient, instead of scratching my new console itch with something from the next generation, I'll treat myself to a console from the past. The console I'm referring to is the Dreamcast. This afternoon I was checking out some of my favorite game sites and saw this, GameDaily's Dreamcast Guide. This guide was great, to see the console and all those games I had heard of along with screenshots was fantastic. So that fact that XBOX 360 is not cutting it's price won't keep me from enjoying myself with a new gaming console, well new to me anyway.

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